Bollywood comes to Limavegas!

Having had my first experience of ‘Bollywood Dancing’ last night at the Hands Off My Friend Launch in Limavady, I have to say I am totally intrigued not only by the royal blue sequin and gold dresses but also the fact that it seems to be a pre requisite that all the ladies have to be absolutely gorgeous!! Needless to say, in the photo above, I look a little less glamourous. I did try to dance to their instructions to ‘Jai Ho’ (obviously the wrong spelling) but ended up looking like a rabbit caught in headlights.  The girls from Artsekta were amazing and brought a great buzz to the room! More importantly, the reason we were all there, was because of the Hands Off My Friend Launch.  This is a charity which aims to stop Hate Crime within our community and makes reporting anonymously easier.  Check out their website and Stop Hate Crime Now!

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