Legenderry ‘Street Dance’ with Pineapple Dance

So I know were quite bad at keeping up to date with the blog but the weeks fly by so fast!!

Latest craic is that we attended a Street Dance Workshop recently with Supermalcolm & Kashmir Leese from Pineapple Dance Studios.  Apart from being nearly the oldest there (shout out to Ailish lol ) and not being able to move our arms as obviously Irish Dancers dont know what to do with their arms apart from keep ’em straight, it was actually quite amazing!!  Loved the music, the atmosphere, the routines, everything about it was brilliant and just what LegenDerry needs!  Would be great if the city could get more workshops like this so big thanks to Wendy at Dolphin Dance School for organising these workshops. Honestly couldnt feel my stomach and thighs for about 4 days afterwards so was definitely a good workout!

So after the two guys showing us their moves, our friend Ailish and me (Linda) decided to teach them some Irish Dance skills!! Check out their progress in the video (actually they picked it up super fast and Im not sure I can say that was down to my teaching skills unfortunately lol )



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