Lil’ Legends Year of 2012

Can you actually believe 2012 has been and gone and we’re now into the year of the highly anticipated City of Culture for LegenDerry??
I cant! I remember New Years Eve 2011 like it was yesterday!
2012 was a year to remember for our Irish Dancing School and all our lil’ legends.

One of the best highlights of the year for us as teachers was when some of our lil’ legends participated in their first ever feis at the Evans Charity Feis in St Peters High school. We were probably more nervous than the children! We were beaming with pride at the fact they got on stage to perform and did their very best! But then they brought home some bling to show off which was a bonus!

Lil' Legend Sorcha and her medal!
Lil’ Legend Sorcha and her medal!

St Patricks Day was another eventful day for our lil’ legends as they performed in Foyleside Shopping Centre in the morning putting on a great display and then took part in the Derry City Council’s St Patricks Day Parade. The sun was scorching that day and the amount of fun we had was indescribable! Hopefully we’ll get to do that this year again

Lil' Legends at St Patricks Day 2012
Lil’ Legends at St Patricks Day 2012

Summer time flew by with our fusion class with Bridget Madden where the lil’ legends learnt to mix irish dance with modern dance. Sometimes it’s good to mix it up a bit and the lil’ legends loved being able to use their arms for once!

In October, the lil’ legends were invited for the third year to perform at International Credit Union Day and were absolutely brilliant! It was great to see their confidence increasing with each performance.

Irish Dance Derry Credit Union

And of course we had our share of parties in 2012! Any excuse really for the lil’ legends! Easter, Summer, Halloween, Christmas, you name it, we’ve had a party for it!
And if you thought it was just the teachers who taught well then you would be wrong! Both Lisa and myself got taught the ‘Gangnam Style’ Dance by all our lil’ legends in 2012! Needless to say, we’ll probably stick to the Irish Dancing for now!

The Lil' Legends enjoying their halloween party! The Lil’ Legends enjoying their halloween party!

The year ended with some of the lil’ legends performing at Pilots Row Christmas Party and of course our Annual Christmas Party to celebrate the arrival of Santaaaa!!

irish dance party

All in all 2012 was a packed and inspiring year for our little school! We just want to thank every single person, whether pupil, parent, volunteer or anyone we worked with for your support and help throughout the year. Here is to a bigger and better 2013……

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