To Dance or not To Dance..

One of the most popular questions we get asked when a parent is deciding to send their child to us is ‘do you do competitions?’

This is a question that we always proceed to answer with caution.  The reason is no matter what answer we give, someone won’t like it.  Either the parent hates the thought of competition or they really want their child to experience it.  So you see our dilemma?

Firstly, the thing is a lot of our Lil’Legends don’t compete.  There are so many reasons for this, mainly that these kids don’t want to compete and attend our classes because they just love Irish Dance & express their talents through grades/performances/parades.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and it is how most children begin their dancing journey and we as a school encourage children to dance because they love it! No matter how they express their talent, they have to love it or really, what’s the point?

Secondly, there is the part of our school that does compete and they absolutely love it too! They get to show off their talent, meet new friends & travel to different parts of the country to do all of this.  Yes, there is a side of dancing most people don’t agree with however there is a lot of benefits for a child to get up on stage (even if they only do it once!) A lot of parents who have taken their child to a feis agree that it has not only increased the child’s confidence but also their commitment to dance.

This is a debate that could go on forever and frankly there isn’t enough on the word count for it!

So whatever your reason for getting your child involved in Irish Dance, the benefits hugely outweigh the disavantages so do not let anyone or anything put you off! The journey starts, continues and ends with your decisions!


“If you get the chance to sit it out or dance….I hope you dance”.


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