3 Irish Dance Class Essentials For Beginners

When kids start our class, parents often wonder what they need to bring with them and what they have to wear.

Here are three essential things you or your child needs when beginning Irish dance class:

1.  A bottle of water/juice

This may seem really obvious but it’s something that a lot of kids and parents forget. As there is a lot of exercise involved in dancing, kids will need to stay hydrated.  The best drink for this is water, we wouldn’t recommend bringing any fizzy drinks.

2.  Appropriate clothing

The best clothes to wear to class is comfortable shorts/leggings/trousers and a tshirt. Clothes will get dirty doing stretches and exercises so it’s best to keep your fancy clothes for fancy occasions.

3.  Comfortable shoes

Obviously the best shoes for class is pumps however for those kids who are just trying out Irish dancing for the first time, they may not have pumps just yet. The best shoes to wear in this case is trainers or plimsoles (PE Shoes).  Essentially, flexible shoes that won’t fall off.

If you would like to find out about our classes, please visit here for more information.

Happy Dancing!

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