Our Legenderry Teachers

Our names are Lisa Gilmour & Linda Doherty and together, we run the Legenderry School of Irish Dance in the lovely city of Derry.

We absolutely love to dance and have both been dancing since the ages of 6 & 9.  We have travelled all over the UK & Ireland to participate in competitions such as the World Championships.  One of our many achievements include placing 2nd & 7th at the World Championships.

We established our School in September 2010 and we now have a school full of Legends whom we adore & look forward to teaching every weekend.

Our School focuses on making the dancefloor ‘legenderry’ in a fun & safe environment with no obligation to compete!  

Our School is registered with An Coimisiun Le Rinci Gaelacha

(The Irish Dancing Commission)

More info can be found at their website:


Why not check us out on Facebook/ Twitter & Instagram so you can get up to date info on all of our classes

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