Upcoming Feis 2017-18

**UPDATED 14th August 2017**

For some of our Lil’Legends who are feisin’ it this year, here is a rough idea of some of the feis coming up.  There will be a good lot more added when we get definite dates & syllabus so keep a wee eye out for any changes.  You can download the Feis Timetable by clicking the link below:

Feis Timetable 2017-18


3 Irish Dance Class Essentials For Beginners

When kids start our class, parents often wonder what they need to bring with them and what they have to wear.

Here are three essential things you or your child needs when beginning Irish dance class:

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To Dance or not To Dance..

One of the most popular questions we get asked when a parent is deciding to send their child to us is ‘do you do competitions?’

This is a question that we always proceed to answer with caution.  The reason is no matter what answer we give, someone won’t like it.  Either the parent hates the thought of competition or they really want their child to experience it.  So you see our dilemma?

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Irish Dancing Classes Derry

It’s that time of the year again, Summer is over, the weather is definitely getting colder & school routines are back in place!

After a lovely summer break, our Irish Dancing Classes Derry are back in action!

We have Irish Dancing Classes Fridays & Saturdays at Pilots Row Community Centre & Templemore Sports Complex, Derry.

If you want to find out more about our Irish Dancing Classes in Derry City, then contact us or have a look on our Facebook Page for the most recent updates.

LegenDerry Teachers Year of 2012

2012 was certainly a busy year for the teachers of Legenderry Irish Dance. One of our busiest years yet!

We had the year begin with the preparations for our ‘Not So Strictly’ Dance Event for the charity Aware, Defeat, Depression where we had 10 couples who had never danced previously learning routines combining irish dance, and other types of dance including meringue and salsa.

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Lil’ Legends Year of 2012

Can you actually believe 2012 has been and gone and we’re now into the year of the highly anticipated City of Culture for LegenDerry??
I cant! I remember New Years Eve 2011 like it was yesterday!
2012 was a year to remember for our Irish Dancing School and all our lil’ legends.

One of the best highlights of the year for us as teachers was when some of our lil’ legends participated in their first ever feis at the Evans Charity Feis in St Peters High school. We were probably more nervous than the children! We were beaming with pride at the fact they got on stage to perform and did their very best! But then they brought home some bling to show off which was a bonus!

Lil' Legend Sorcha and her medal!
Lil’ Legend Sorcha and her medal!

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Legenderry ‘Street Dance’ with Pineapple Dance

So I know were quite bad at keeping up to date with the blog but the weeks fly by so fast!!

Latest craic is that we attended a Street Dance Workshop recently with Supermalcolm & Kashmir Leese from Pineapple Dance Studios.  Apart from being nearly the oldest there (shout out to Ailish lol ) and not being able to move our arms as obviously Irish Dancers dont know what to do with their arms apart from keep ’em straight, it was actually quite amazing!!  Loved the music, the atmosphere, the routines, everything about it was brilliant and just what LegenDerry needs!  Would be great if the city could get more workshops like this so big thanks to Wendy at Dolphin Dance School for organising these workshops. Honestly couldnt feel my stomach and thighs for about 4 days afterwards so was definitely a good workout!

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